Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Author Heather McCoubrey in the House!

Hot on the heels of her debut novel To Love Twice, author of stirring romance Heather McCoubrey will release her next novel Back to December this June!

And just to whet your appetite...

Can Anna escape the claws of her soul-crushing past so she can claim her life as her own and seize the happiness that could be hers?

Heather McCoubrey first caught my interest with her debut novel To Love Twice. In this poignant and mesmerising tale, Kate goes to London and takes a chance on love with the dashing Edward Kent. But can her whirlwind romance sweep away the echoes of a tragic past? And will she allow herself to fall, daring to love again...

Reviews of To Love Twice:

First book I've ever read completely through! It was awesome. I laughed, I cried, I found some really good points. I loved the romance. Just might read it again!” –Jillian Hucks

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Readers who just want a steamy romance will be disappointed... No smut here...but plenty of romance and great character development. I laughed, I cried, I was genuinely surprised a few times and skipped sleep to finish reading and get to the happy ending. I wish it were longer! I am not ready to say goodbye to Kate and Edward.” –Kindle Customer “CharmedGirl”

I'd recommend this book to anyone. I'm not one for romances but this book had me hooked. And the crazy twist at the end, I couldn't put it down.” –Tiffany Clark

I'm not normally a fan of romances but this was good and kept my interest… the ending was Awesome. Great snowy day read!!” –Bonnie G

This story was very unexpected. The plot was great, the characters were real, and the ending was surprising. I never saw it coming. Kate is so strong to have gone through all she did to find love again. Heather, I look forward to your next novel. You have a new fan!” –Ann

After enjoying To Love Twice, I got in touch with Heather, and we soon became author buddies, celebrating each other's triumphs, commiserating over disappointments, venting our frustrations, and giggling over shared delight. And I so enjoy Heather's blog - she helps me relax with her musings on life and inspires me to find balance and time to write in my hectic life as an indie author!

And yes, I'll admit it, Heather is a Patriots fan - - - a Patriots fan!!! I, as you know, am a die hard fan of The New York Giants, but still, we like each other :) A lot more than Tom Brady likes Eli Manning, that's for sure! And guess what? Heather and I both have Pennsylvania in common! I grew up there, and Heather lives there now her husband, two children, Rex the chihuahua, and Fatty the goldfish.

But you don't have to go all the way to Pennsylvania!
You can find Heather McCoubrey on:

I cannot wait for Heather's next novel, Back to December! After surviving an abusive childhood, Anna Blackhurst is finally ready to tentatively step into life, and into the world of Cooper Reed. But when her mother is in a terrible accident, Anna feels herself getting sucked back into the nightmare relationship that defined her childhood. Cooper is there for her, but is Anna strong enough to feel worthy of his love? Will she ever break free from the chains of torment that have been holding her down her whole life? Anna has to find the courage to love herself if she and Cooper are to have any chance of loving each other. 

Put Back to December on your To-Read Shelf on Goodreads
And let the anticipation begin

Monday, April 7, 2014

Authors - Get Free Promo on My Blog Tour by Commenting!

My #RomCom debut novel She Likes It Rough and I are taking the show on the road fresh off winning Best Humor Book 0f 2013 and Best Indie Book of 2013 from Rebecca's Reads Choice Awards. We will be touring from April 7 thru April 18 and I would LOVE for readers, bloggers, and authors alike to drop by and share insights, quips, or smartass remarks. Or just drop on by to say Hi!The beauty of blogging is, of course, connecting with people who love books or gossip or different takes on this crazy world. But connection is a two way street, and I connect back. Mmmrrh. Readers, comment and I will comment back and we can engage in some lively banter, plus I'd love to field any questions you have. Bloggers and authors, comment and I will comment back promo-ing your  most recent book or blog. Plus banter, too :)

Don't believe me? Check out a guest post I did on the super fun blog More Cowbell this weekend. Especially checkout all the comments and promo! Or check out the comments and the promo of others I did on my feature on the award-winning book site Indies Unlimited last week.

Hope to see you on tour!!

Sincerely, GVR Corcillo