Friday, May 9, 2014

Sweet, Soothing...with a Surprise Twist!

To Love Twice...Mrmmrrh!

by Heather McCoubrey

You know the feeling...after a long, tough day, you just want to sink into a hot, sudsy bath, sipping an icy drink and popping chocolates into your mouth, letting them melt on your tongue. Mmmrrh...such is the delectable, relaxing feeling you get reading To Love Twice by Heather McCoubrey. Kate Walker lives through strife and tragedy, staying strong and resilient for the sake of her new-born daughter. Five years later, life is good but challenging - Kate kicks butt at her demanding, yet rewarding, job as she works to make a happy home for herself and her daughter Mary. Life has settled down...but is that all there is? Kate has decided to be satisfied with creating happiness for others.

In walks Edward.

Does Edward fly in on a vine, saving Kate from certain death? No. Does Edward spy her across a chandelier-spangled ballroom and sweep her across the dance floor? No. Does Edward come riding up on a stallion through the fog? No.

Edward is a nice guy. And McCoubrey makes that just so damn irresistible. McCoubrey has already so vividly fleshed out Kate's character that when Edward appears, it is crystal clear just how much Kate needs...him.

But wait. It gets better!

Edward is fantasy fulfillment for Kate, yes. But even better? Kate is exactly what Edward craves in his life...a secret life that McCoubrey reveals layer by layer.

Throughout the book, McCoubrey uses metaphors of delectable food to echo the development of the relationship. The pair eat dinner together quite a bit, snatching whatever time together they can in their busy, disparate lives, and their dinners are amazing and so beautifully described. And that is how their bond develops – as the time out of their lives, delicious moments when they can just savor one another...Their love comes softly, but it is impossible not to want this happiness for them both.


The surprise twist at the end is PERFECT! Tense, suspenseful, deeply engaging...and even though it is a surprise, it is grounded in the story so artfully. You never see it coming, but once it does, it all makes perfect sense. McCoubrey gets daring with her choices at the end, and it WORKS!

To Love Twice is a sweet, soothing read. It is emotionally compelling and relaxing for the soul. Mmmrrh...


After enjoying To Love Twice, I got in touch with Heather, and we soon became author buddies, celebrating each other's triumphs, commiserating over disappointments, venting our frustrations, and giggling over shared delight. And I so enjoy Heather's blog - she helps me relax with her musings on life and inspires me to find balance and time to write in my hectic life as an indie author!

And yes, I'll admit it, Heather is a Patriots fan - - - a Patriots fan!!! I, as you know, am a die hard fan of The New York Giants, but still, we like each other :) A lot more than Tom Brady likes Eli Manning, that's for sure! And guess what? Heather and I both have Pennsylvania in common! I grew up there, and Heather lives there now her husband, two children, Rex the chihuahua, and Fatty the goldfish.

But you don't have to go all the way to Pennsylvania!
You can find Heather McCoubrey on:

I cannot wait for Heather's next novel, Back to December! After surviving an abusive childhood, Anna Blackhurst is finally ready to tentatively step into life, and into the world of Cooper Reed. But when her mother is in a terrible accident, Anna feels herself getting sucked back into the nightmare relationship that defined her childhood. Cooper is there for her, but is Anna strong enough to feel worthy of his love? Will she ever break free from the chains of torment that have been holding her down her whole life? Anna has to find the courage to love herself if she and Cooper are to have any chance of loving each other. 

Heather McCoubrey's June Release...


  1. Hi, GVR & Heather! What a lovely post! I think that I am going to have give up writing so that I can read all of the wonderful books that I have discovered through meeting you both and the other ladies from our chat groups. The amount of talent in our small corner of the world is just amazing! And what beautiful covers, Heather! I am very excited to read both of your books!

    1. Hi Glynis! I know the feeling - there are waaaay too many books on my TBR list - your latest release - FRENCH TOAST - among them!! Thank you for the kind words and when you do get around to reading, I hope you enjoy them!! xoxo

    2. Glynis!! Thanks for dropping by! Can you believe I JUST recently figured out that I can use my blog to review books? Can't wait to read French Toast and feature it!!!!!! And yes, Heather's covers, especially Back to December, take my breath away!

  2. Hi GVR! Thank you so much for the detailed review and for not giving anything away! I am so happy and thrilled that you enjoyed TO LOVE TWICE so much. And the fact that you pulled in their dinner dates makes me smile!

    You have such a talent for seeing beneath the surface of what's written and it's a joy to read anything and everything you write!

    Thank you so much for this amazing review - you totally MADE MY DAY!! xoxo

    1. Heather McCoubrey - looking forward to Back to December!