Monday, December 22, 2014

Romantic Comedy Sale and Moist Turkey Tip for the Holidays!

Can daring adventures with a 
cynical adrenaline junkie help a daydreaming city girl find the courage to live life out loud?

My Award Winning 
Romantic Comedy
99 cents December 27!

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And now...
the hero and heroine of 
Miss Adventure, Jack and Lisa,
step out of the novel to discuss how to guarantee a 
Moist Turkey for the Holidays!

“I can't believe you actually cooked for your family on Thanksgiving!” Lisa squeals. “You are seriously the bravest person I know. Jumping out of planes is nothing compared to this!”

Jack laughs. “Lisa, it wasn't a big deal.”

“WHAT?!” Lisa demands. “Of course it's a big deal! Do you realize that if the turkey had come out DRY everyone in your family would be talking about it for the next FORTY YEARS? 'Oh, no. We have to go to great-great grandpa Jack's? Isn't he the one who made the dry turkey that one time?'”

“Lisa, I've cooked a turkey before. I just always cook it upside down. That way it never comes out dry. All the juices from the dark meat seep down into the white meat, and the whole thing comes out moist and succulent and delicious.” He kisses her on the nose. “Thus I am saved from family banishment.”

Lisa pushes him back, holding him at arm's length. “Wait. What? What do you mean you cook it upside down?”

Jack shrugs. “Just cook a turkey like you normally would, but put the turkey in the roasting pan breast side down. The whole thing cooks up so moist that when it's done, the leg bones just slide right out.”

“ drumsticks?”

“Right,” Jack confirms. “No drumsticks, because the meat is so moist they just fall apart.”

“Okay...” Lisa says, trying to wrap her head around the idea. “But if you cook it upside down then there's also no golden turkey glistening on the platter just waiting to be carved.”

“True,” Jack concedes. “If marching into the dining room carrying an amazing looking turkey on a platter is paramount to you, you will be disappointed. But, if you are up for carving the turkey in the kitchen and marching out with a platter of delectable turkey meat, then cook the bird upside down.”

Suddenly Lisa's eyes widen. “Oh no! What about the crisp, delicious turkey skin?”

“Relax,” Jack says, reaching out to touch a wayward lock of her hair. “It's still there, just not as much of the crispy stuff.”

Lisa eyes him suspiciously. “What about stuffing?”

“You can totally stuff the turkey. Hold the bird straight up as you stuff it. When you lay it in the pan breast side down, some stuffing will tumble out, which will turn out to be the crunchier stuffing. Or, you can use the skin flaps and tie it off or sew it up so some of the stuffing doesn't dribble out. Either way, when the turkey is done cooking, the stuffing in the bird will be there, also moist and delicious.”

Lisa shakes her head. “It can't be that easy to guarantee a moist turkey every time. You just cook it upside down? It can't be that easy.”

Jack smiles. “Most things are a lot easier when you stop worrying what your family will think of you and just look at things from a different perspective. In this case, upside down.”

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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