Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Best Review Ever

So...why The Avengers? Argo and Zero Dark Thirty might have seemed like a more logical pairing. Do I generally see blockbusters? Not at all. Superhero movies? Nope.

My two best friends, Matt and Greg, really wanted to see it. In fact, as total fanboys, they had been waiting and hoping for this movie for the past 25 years. Sure, they are perfectly capable of attending a movie without me or my husband - which they do all the time. But the four of us thought it would be fun to go see a movie together. The last movie I'd seen with Matt and Greg had been Return of the King. As die-hard Tolkein fans from very young ages, perhaps they got sick of my complaining about that stupid maroon turtleneck Viggo wears in the coronation scene. So, it's been a while since we've proposed all going to see a movie together.

I did not like the movie The Avengers that much. Watching it made me tired with all of its over-the-top action sequences. But I really enjoyed going to the movie, having had the experience of seeing it together, and discussing it with my friends. Who loved it. And you know, disagreeing about the movie makes it all the more fun! Years ago, we all went to see Love, Actually, and I had a radically different opinion than all the guys. (I know. Shocker.) To this day, we still laugh over our responses to that film.

Mostly, we do not enjoy watching the same things, with some notable exceptions: Buffy, Sherlock, Galaxy Quest, almost any Wes Anderson film.

Which is why my friend Greg's review of my short story, "All Summer on a Date," from the Romancing the Pages anthology, delighted me beyond all others:

"I thought I would have trouble getting through it and reading the whole thing, but I didn't. It was actually pretty enjoyable."

A non-romance reader liked my story!!! A guy liked my story! I had crossed genre lines! Victoire! Victoire!

GVR Corcillo

author of

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