Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Perfect Finale

I hope you all had wonderful holidays  One high point of December was that I finally got around to watching the series finale of the show Psych, a delightful show I talk about all the time on my facebook page. The goofy humor, the eighties references, the awesome cast, the amazing guest stars. I have seen some series finales over the past few years that really upset me because they did not end on a high note for fans - they did not give the fans what they wanted - what the show spent hours and hours making them want. BUT I am psyched to say that the Psych series finale DELIVERED on every possible front. And you know what? Before I saw the finale, I was hoping that things would go a certain way for McNabb - a minor character who is not even in every episode. And what I wished for McNabb - is EXACTLY what happened! And Lassie got a better send-off than I ever could have imagined! Psych totally nailed the series finale Here's the amazeballs opening ...

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