Friday, February 22, 2013

Down and Dirty

I am getting sick of myself.

For almost a week now, I have been blogging about how publishing my book has changed my life and everything I have been realizing since the moment I clicked on the icon that would unleash my power. And everything I wrote is true - at least, it is my truth. But enough of the rah rah. Time to buckle down and make a plan.

As many of you know, one of the first pages of my book, She Likes It Rough, page viii actually, throws down the gauntlet. Queen of The Universe, expected publication Fall 2013. So, I have precious little time to write the novel, edit it, format it, upload it, proofread it, and publish it. And all this time, I have to be promoting my first novel and building my readership. But I am an author now, so I simply must get it done. So, every day I will do the following:

1. Actually write some of Queen of the Universe.

2. Work each day promoting She Likes It Rough and myself as a writer.

3. Work out - I need to feel fit and bursting with energy.

4. Blog

All of this is going to be friggin' impossible on days when I have to work all day, like today, but I will have to find a way to tackle this terrain. I have been doing 2 for two weeks now and 3 and 4 since Sunday. But time to add 1 to the mix and up 2 into hyperdrive.

Goals for tomorrow:

1. Find my notes on Queen of the Universe and start writing.

2. Order bookcards for She Likes It Rough for dissemination among potential readers.

3. Get more involved in the writing community of Loves Romances Cafe.

4. Find out what the hell Twitter is.

5. Fix the glitch on my website.

Goals for the Week:

1. Get on Goodreads

2. Find out about donating to local libraries

3. Inquire about guest blogging

I will keep a tally. Of work I do and progress I make. Some of this might be embarrassing. But this blog is about my journey, right? Becoming GVR?

So, here I go. My progress up to this point:

Total Number of Blog Views: 183

Total Number of Copies of She Likes It Rough Sold: 6

Total Number of Website Hits: My sixth goal for tomorrow: figure out how to see how many people have come to visit

I have my work cut out for me, no?


My work is not cut out for me. I have cut it out myself. When I was in kindergarten, Miss Maroni sent a note home informing my mother and father that I did not cut along the lines. I totally screwed up this one Christmas ornament project because I did not cut it correctly. It had to do do with cutting a circle from the face of a Christmas card, then pressing the circle into the twist-on ring of a canning jar lid. Well, I did not cut on the lines, so my ornament had a big gap between the card and the lid. I ruined the ornament.

For decades, now, I have not been cutting on the lines. But it about to start paying off.

GVR Corcillo

author of

Queen of the Universe coming this Fall

What do you think? Am I crazy? Can I do it? Will I do it? Comment here or leave me a note on my website  or on facebook.

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