Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice....

I'm posting this blog about 11 hours early. Why? Because it's February 2oth! My husband's birthday. So later tonight, I do not want to be writing my blog. See? This is a perfect example of scheduling passions, which I talked about in my blog Put Down the Duckie! a few posts ago. I am not about to have no time for Ron when he gets home, but, I am still going to get my writing work done for the day.

February 20 - what a great day. Sigh. Today I heard the leaves rustle, looked outside, and saw the shadows of a tree's leaves dancing across the hood of my car. And suddenly I was transported back to my childhood, back to spring days of Chinchilla, Pennsylvania, when chill winds and clear cold sunshine would dominate the day.

And then I felt, I knew, how lucky I was to have grown up in Pennsylvania, with its fireflies, and potholes, and towns with names like Hop's Bottom. Why so lucky? I guess because it made me who I am. It's all a part of me, and that is valuable.

I think people (this author being no small exception) have a tendency to make excuses based on history and present circumstances.

Yeah, it's easy for him, he doesn't have two kids to put through college.
Sure, but she's got a rich husband.
Maybe if my parents had been brilliantly successful....
If I lived in Alabama in 1930, I'd have a lot to write about, too.
Back in the sixties, people really had causes worth fighting for.
If I had a car like that, girls would like me, too.
Yeah, but she's not working two jobs.

Here's the deal, as far as I can tell - we all have our issues, our circumstances, our obligations. But these do not block us from achieving our dreams ( unless we pile them up in front of our dreams, insisting that we have no place else to put them.) No, our issues, circumstances, and obligations do not block our dreams. Rather, they are the stuff our dreams are made of. All of our personal "stuff" is who we are, and dreams are another version of who we are. Instead of thinking, "I have_______ in my life, so I can't _______,"try this: "I have ________ in my life, so how can I __________?" Forget the path you wanted to take, and focus on the terrain in front of you and how to tackle it.

Seriously, it works.

GVR Corcillo

author of

Queen of the Universe coming this Fall

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