Saturday, February 23, 2013

Whatever Lola Wants

Many years ago, I wrote a category romance novel Whatever Lola Wants. I entered it in many contests, and it either won or placed in every contest. But then when I submitted it to a publisher, it was turned down with alacrity. I folded like a lawn chair. I never sent that book out again.

Why not? Who the hell knows?! Maybe Eli Manning knows. I just wasn't much of a gamer.

Not long after that crushing rejection, I submitted a short story to a Marlo Thomas anthology. I didn't write according to any perceived rules or limitations - just my voice telling my story. I sent it in around 11:50pm. The deadline was midnight. The next morning my husband woke me up and handed me the phone: the anthology wanted my story.

From that day on, my writing changed. I strayed away from category romance and began writing first person, present tense stories. Like "Jane Austen Meets the New York Giants." And "All Summer on a Date." And She Likes It Rough.

Whatever happened to Whatever Lola Wants? I am rewriting it my way and calling it Queen of the Universe.

In fact, I started rewriting it today. I accomplished all of the goals I set up for today. And all almost before 3am!!!!! Yay!!!!! My website glitch took a lot longer to fix than I thought and my cat got sick, but I still did it all. All that AND made some new friends on Facebook. And reconnected with awesome writer Cheryl St. John who I met many years ago at a conference. And she really got me thinking about even more stuff I need to be doing as an author. A good, tiring day.

It was Friday, and I was in love all day.


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