Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's That Time of Year...

Chestnuts crackling over a toasty fire, a snowy sleigh ride through a field of firs, peace on Earth...Mmmrrh!

But most of us never actually experience the stuff of the most iconic images Winter Wonderland. Still, we giddily trip into season after season of poinsettias and carols dreaming of silver bells and reindeer and miracles. And that's oaky. In fact, It's Wonderful. Holiday magic isn't about expecting to actually get the ideal. That just leads to waking up on the 26th in your own bed under your own cracked ceiling to realize that, once again, nothing magical happened.

Holiday Magic is about everybody essentially agreeing to be a little happier for a few weeks. We allow ourselves, for one month, to tap into the dreams that make us recognize the flurries of crystalline beauty in our own lives.

I love watching It's a Wonderful Life every year not because I expect my whole town to rally round me and tell me how amazing I am, but because I revel in the joy of having friends who love me and who I love right back.

Twinkling lights all down my block fill me with joy because people are simply deciding to make life a little brighter, a little more special than usual. Because we can do that – we can make our lives better by simply deciding to celebrate every day.

I jump out of bed on Christmas morning not to open gift-wrapped bling under the tree, but to roll up my sleeves along side my husband as we start preparing a feast for those we love most. Mmmrrh... No one dresses up, no gifts are exchanged – we simply enjoy each other's company on a day when life takes a breath and we all just relax. Well, relax...and cook, and arrange chairs and tables, and clean up – but we all do it together so it's cool. (Hint: If you are not the Mom of a family, get off your ass and help Mom this Christmas! The magic doesn't happen all by itself, you know!)

A Christmas Story isn't about Ralphie getting the Red Ryder BB Gun. It's about his Dad giving it to him - his irascible, foul-mouthed Dad who doesn't seem very dialed in to his kids' lives unless they are in trouble. But his Dad really was paying attention and does understand Ralphie's dreams.

Holiday Magic isn't about what you want or what you get – it's about realizing and appreciating what you have. Mmmrh... Fall in Love with Your World

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